About Us

JAM draws the modern Asian family table into SIRI HOUSE, introducing diverse flavours and influences to their shared plates. Led by Ming Tan (Lolla, Park Bench Deli) and Jeremy Cheok (Garang Grill), familiar, quality produce is delivered with a signature twist while service forgoes formality for genuine warmth and hospitality. Refined, playful and deliberate, JAM at SIRI HOUSE celebrates the gathering of kith and kin, and their enjoyment of great food at its heart. 

An Invitation to our Modern Asian Family Table
JAM at SIRI HOUSE’s new menu celebrates the vibrance of the Modern Asian family table. Collaborating with his kitchen family, Head Chef Leo Pang (formerly from Le Bernardin) curates dishes collectively inspired by the team’s favourite food memories. Guests are invited to experience a taste of nostalgia with familiar flavours presented in new and inventive ways.

Sharing plates celebrate the joys of communal dining, encouraging everyone to tuck in from across the table, mop up sauces and in many cases, forgo cutlery to eat with their hands. And just as food has the power to unite and foster community, we hope that dining with us sparks a little more conversation, interaction and laughter at our table.