Scotch & Honey
Scotch & Honey

Scotch & Honey

JAM at Siri House
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Our Scotch and Honey is the perfect tipple if you’re looking to serve up Whisky Sour-style flavours with a subtle herbaceous note at home. No egg whites here - just a blend of Scotch Whisky, honey and citric acid (for that bright dryness on the palate) with a touch of Fernet Branca for complexity.

It’s become somewhat of a sleeper hit with our diners at JAM at Siri House, and we're sure it’ll be a cocktail your friends at your home won’t soon forget.

Available in 250ml. Provides 3-4 serves

Scotch Whisky, 
Fernet Branca, 
, Citrus

Refrigerate after opening
. Consume within 2 weeks from opening