Siri House Negroni
Siri House Negroni

Siri House Negroni

JAM at Siri House
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We love our Negronis and this simple riff on the classic cocktail brings an Asian touch that everyone should be able to enjoy at home. Our Siri House Negroni infuses the botanicals of London Dry Gin with the mouthfeel and aromas of Thai Red Tea before pairing these with a measured mix of with Campari, Sweet Vermouth so all you need to do is pour over ice to enjoy.

Pick up a bottle, grab some good ice, and call a good friend or two over for some great conversation.

Available in 250ml size. Provides 3-4 serves

: Thai Red Tea-Infused London Dry Gin, 
, Sweet Vermouth

Refrigerate after opening. 
Consume within 2 weeks from opening.